Friday, November 18, 2016

Amsia's JV Partner DongFeng Motors, Fortune 500 ready to make more green cars.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), the owner of the sorta-still-there Saab automobile brand, has reached a deal with Dongfeng Motor Corp. in which the China-based automaker will help NEVS develop greener vehicles. NEVS and Dongfeng have been working together since July, though the agreement was officially announced Monday. The companies say the agreement relates to so-called "new-energy" vehicles, though neither details of what those new energy vehicles will be nor financial terms were disclosed. But there's long been talk about Saab working on electrified vehicles, so this appears to be a move in the right direction.

NEVS has picked a large company as its development partner. As part of the agreement, Dongfeng will speed up the development of advanced powertrains at its plant in Tiajin, China. In return, NEVS will help Dongfeng get distribution in both North America and Europe while helping the Chinese automaker sort through the matrix of developing vehicles that meet regulatory standards in those two regions, which is no easy task. Dongfeng made more than 3.8 million vehicles last year, and has done business with Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Nissan, Honda, and Kia.

Last we reported, NEVS was in the process of reorganization this past winter, and it's unclear how that will impact the relationship with Dongfeng. Also unclear is the status of the Saab brand name. The Saab AB aerospace company is no longer affiliated with the automaker and disputes NEVS using its name, but the NEVS website still highlights the Saab automotive brand. NEVS bought Saab out of bankruptcy in 2012. The latest NEVS press release is available below.

World Premiere Saab Concept Car Aero X

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Dongfeng) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on August 17, 2015 to achieve global industrial synergies.

Since July 2015, Nevs has started working with Dongfeng on complete vehicle development projects to enhance Dongfeng's technical strength and improve Nevs' own development capability. Now both parties have agreed to expand their cooperation from technical development to further business areas such as global purchasing and distribution network.

Dongfeng has formed several strategic long term partnerships with other international major car manufacturers including AB Volvo and as a 14 percent shareholder of PSA. Dongfeng Motor, with several JVs in China including Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda and Kia, is one of the world's largest automobile companies, with an annual output over 3.83 million units in 2014 and 1.83 million in the first half of 2015. A long-term and stable alliance with Dongfeng is of great significance for Nevs to achieve its business opportunity.

According to the agreement, Dongfeng will support Nevs on the construction of new energy vehicles production and R&D in Tianjin and the formation of Nevs' sales and service with support from Dongfeng's dealer network. Dongfeng will also support Nevs to achieve the new energy vehicle mass production.

Nevs will support Dongfeng on their own brands to meet regulations and technical specifications of overseas markets, and assist DFM to develop important markets in Europe and North America.

"Dongfeng is one of the leading vehicle company groups in the world. Through this cooperation, Nevs' will be able to create industrial synergies, share the development costs, expand the supplier bases and increase the overall competitiveness for our own future products. This cooperation is one of the steps for Nevs to become a front-runner in the automotive industry, with focus on electric vehicles" said Mr. Mattias Bergman, President, Nevs.

DFM Brief Introduction
Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) is the third biggest Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province. As of December 2014, DFM had in total approximately 176 000 full-time employees.

DFM is connected with a variety of international OEMs and produces a wide range of foreign products in China including those of Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Honda, Kia, Nissan and Infiniti. The total output in 2014 was 3.83 million units with revenue of 483 billion RMB.

In 2012 DFM acquired 70% of T engineering, a Trollhättan based engineering company and a spin off from Saab Automobile Powertrain, as their first R&D center overseas.

In 2014, DFG became the 14% shareholder of PSA Peugeot Citroën.
DFM is listed as no.113 in the world on Fortune 500.
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Race For Water, A Cleaner Planet!

It’s all good and well loving offshore racing but at the end of the day our favourite sport wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful oceans we sail across. As Amsia's JV Partner Dongfeng Race Team prepared for Cowes Week, please take a moment out of your day to read more about the charity we supported during the Artemis Challenge on Thursday 13th August.

These photographs are the sad reality of what is happening to our oceans and Race for Water is out to make a difference. Let’s help them:

Solidarity T-shirt "Do not touch my sea" by 727 Sailbags
Support the Foundation Race for Water and help us protect the oceans by participating in the collection organized by 727 Sailbags.

Objective: To sell 100 T-shirts "Do not touch my sea" by 727Sailbags by June 19 in order to start production. € 10 will be donated to the Race for Water Foundation each bought a T-shirt.

Visit 66-key-not-a-ma-Sea
Feel free to share with the greatest number!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amsia Motors, Launches A Venture Organization Focused on Global Development and Innovation – AGPTI. New York, NY.

Amsia Motors, SUV S30.

Passionate to contribute towards a healthy ecosystem, while embracing developing nations by generating green energy, reducing carbon footprint and forming a greater environment for the Global citizen – Amsia Motors was established 1986.

Introducing the lowest emission vehicles, among the sectors of transportation, agriculture and power – Amsia, following a joint venture with three major Automotive manufacturing company’s and 9 technical collaborations, an advanced vision for a leading automotive brand after a decade of research and development, was developed. 

Amsia’s strategic Joint Venture partnership aimed to cover a wide range of the automotive market segment, such as DFM (DongFeng Motors) for heavy duty trucks, JINBEI, stakeholder Auto Brilliance, for light commercial vehicles and ZHONGTONG for buses.

Amsia Motors Americas, LLC, incorporated in the United States was styled to launch its first automotive brand “Amsia” independently. December, 2015 – Amsia Motors Americas, LLC signed an agreement for the first automotive manufacturing plant in the State of Minas, Brazil. 

Amsia Global, the parent company behind the development of Green Automotive Manufacturing Company ‘Amsia Motors’, announced the launch of a new global development firm, Amsia Global Power, Technology, Investments (AGPTI). This new company will stimulate global development efforts for the following: 

Renewable Energy, 
Sustainable Economic Development, 
Innovation and Commercialization of Technology, 
Multi-diversified Agricultural Development for Poverty Alleviation and Global Food Security, 
Mass habitation with Global Stakeholders, Sovereign States and Private Enterprises, 
Water Treatment and Purification as well as creating Sustainable Water Resources for a healthy living and a global eco-living. 
Biotechnology developments in the area of natural preventive medicine industry. 

The foundation ofAGPTI, styled at the beginning of the year spearheaded a focus on the challenges of global sustainable development in the core regions, from North America, Africa and Asia. 

Meanwhile, AGPTI with its different private enterprises as their co-partners relating to the main objectives and constantly extending, encompassing innovative organization and enterprises – ultimately is fulfilling the articulation of global sovereign States participation. And thus, gradually, AGPTI expects to divide its operations by four foundational regional centers.

USA - Arizona projected – covering Americas
Portugal – covering European Union and North Africa
IndiaSAARC countries, GCC and part West Asia 
VietnamASEAN region and APAC

Proposed projects: 

Research & Scientific Laboratory 
State of the art, next generation global BIG data, research and development center. 

Possible partners and co-sponsors – State of Arizona, ASU, US Private enterprises, socio -economic development agencies, global development agencies, Global development banks, with affiliations of; Canada - CIDA, Global Affairs Canada and (IDRC), European Union – Europe Aid Development and Cooperation, France - (AFD), Germany - (KFW), (GIZ), Israel – MASHAV, Japan - (JICA), (JBIC), Kuwait - Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, New Zealand - (NZAID), Norway - (NORAD), Russia - (Rossotrudnichestvo), Saudi Arabia - (SFD), Spain - Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Sweden - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Switzerland - (SDC), United Kingdom - (DFID), United States - (USAID), (IAF), (MCC), and (ADF), African Development Bank (AFDB), Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Colombo Plan (CP), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), United Nations (UN), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank Group

Electric battery enhancement research & manufacturing 
Advanced technological R&D, in joint collaboration with ASU progressing to a manufacturing plant. 

Date farming and agricultural development 
Multi-diverse, value added food processing industry and agricultural farming, acquiring global leadership. 

Water and agricultural technology development 
Water reserve, for sourcing water and developing an effective irrigation system. 

Micro-Macro manufacturing and assembly facilities 
International industrial park for foreign investment. 

Smart electric car assembly and manufacturing 
Innovative automotive manufacturing - initially assemble and manufacture electric bikes and compact EV cars, raise a joint R&D (research and development) venture for further advancement of the new technology, silicon battery, progressing to a battery plant to meet the requirements and demands of the future electric vehicles in the growing auto industry. Electric vehicle manufacturing for mass market, aimed for a healthy green ecosystem. 

University research and educational opportunities 
Academic development studies between the U.S. and International cross-border educational programmes in partnership between higher education institution of Arizona. 

The overarching goal of AGPTI is to intimately connect world leaders from a multiplicity of international agencies, in lieu of these partnerships, AGPTI will employ development strategies to spur innovation ecosystems in its regions of interests. 

AGPTI was conceived to reaffirm the central role of public and private partnerships with sovereign governments and nations in service of the world’s most pressing development concerns. 

As a multilateral development institution headquartered in New York, AGPTI is positioned to help address critical issues from sustainable energy, to advance technology, and accountable monetary leadership. AGPTI is currently developing headquarters in major development regions in New York, Arizona, Portugal, in both the United States and international settings.

Arizona State Capitol Building & The Executive Tower

In 2015, AGPTI the parent company of Amsia Motors, has been interacting with the State of Arizona for engaging in several industrial sectors. President of Amsia – Mr. Richard Abernathy met with the State of Arizona and some of the most influential Senators and Congressman’s office, carrying out an effective dialogue for Amsia projects – where strong assistance, support and confidence was expressed for immediate engagement of the projects at hand. 

Upon the past due diligence, an official invitation from the Hon. Governor, Mayor of the Arizona State’s office has been extended to Amsia, where Navajo and other tribal community leaders, industrial enterprises and private enterprises also interacted with Amsia for several project initiation and execution. 

Now, having reached a firm dialogue for an actionable partnership and initiation of the projects stated above, the active engagements are underway for execution. 

The sponsors and delegates headed by the Founder, Chairman. CEO of Amsia Motors & AGPTI Mr. Mostafa Z. Ahmed, the esteem head of delegates shall meet the State Leaders, dignitaries, Tribal community leaders, private enterprises and leading financial businesses for further discussions and actionable project engagements.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Amsia Brazil & United States project mandates, and Valor Economica!

After several formal video conferences with the State Government of Minas Gerais, and a formal invitation from Sete Lagoas Mayor Marcio Reinaldo, Amsia Motors was invited to conclude and sign a formal agreement for an automotive plant. On Dec. 18th, 2015, not only a car assembly plant but an Agro, power generators, and electronics plant have been signed for investments of over one billion US dollars. Amsia Motors Americas, LLC, an American company whose main Automotive Corporate Head office is located in Shenzhen, China, now confirms its strong commitment in executing this substantial project in the Brazilian market. The project has been in the works since Dec. 2015 with the State Government of Minas Gerais which confirmed their intention to build two factories; one in the City of SeteLagoas and another in Monte Alegre.

The company intends to assemble advanced innovative hybrid cars in Minas Gerais with enhanced engines on ethanol, gasoline, liquid natural gas, and bio-diesel. In an interview with Valor, Mr. Moeth Ahmed, the Global Sales and Marketing Director of the American Company who is in charge of the Brazilian venture, says the goal is also to install a research and development department in the country later to work towards the next step in electric car technology.

“We’re planning new and different technologies,” the executive says. One technology could be an alternative to the currently expensive lithium batteries being tested for cars throughout the world. “The focus is on offering environmentally friendly vehicles,” he said while avoiding disclosing further details.
Amsia Motors is a 100% independent organization founded in 1986, an OEM joint venture automotive manufacturer that is now successfully ready to launch its own brand under the name “Amsia Motors”. Mr. Ahmed, the Global Sales Director, says it has joint ventures with the largest Chinese carmakers such as DongFeng Motors, JinBei, which is partly owned by Auto Brilliance, and with Zhongtong Bus. The company operates in an independent capacity, developing innovative and efficient products, and collaborating with nine global technical partners such as AEC, MAN and Canada’s Cummins of Westport to name a few.
Ref: Valor Economica

Amsia OEM JV Partners runs an effective supply channel to market the vehicles. The Middle East, Asia, Africa, and a few South American countries are its main markets. Amsia is now betting on launching its own vehicle brand. Mr. Ahmed, who interviewed with Valor Economica newspaper in São Paulo, says that Brazil is a strategic market reach for Amsia and a potential export platform apart from the local region. “Brazil is a large market which experienced a strong economic challenge due to various aspects in several sectors recently, but it’s a resilient market for us, and very strategic,” the 43-year old executive, a Canadian citizen, says.
Amsia commenced its local start-up operations by registering the company in Brazil. A local (camp) office has been appointed to carry out its mandates, and the plan is to extend gradually from the import market to the production line and expand into other South American and Latin American countries.
The company could have picked China to begin producing its own vehicles, a move which certainly would be cost effective and offer greater sales potential. Unfortunately, there would be conflicts of interest. “We already are in the Chinese market with our partners through joint venture partnerships. The idea is to launch our brand independently and where we require a potential growth and a strategic reach into the future under such an investment,” Mr. Ahmed says.
Amsia Motors followed the departure of the Minas Secretary of State Mr. Altamir Rôso, by a visit to the new Secretary of State Mr. FábioCherem who presented strong efforts and dedicated support to assist in the successful steps for Amsia Motors project in Brazil.
Hon. Joedis Ferreira (Presidents liason) left, Mr. Moeth Ahmed (Amsia Global Sales Director (center), and Secretary Mr. Fabio Cherem.

The new Secretary of State, Mr. Fabio Cherem, is a passionate eye toward in the Minas Gerias State Government, says Amsia. Their initial steps to expedite the remaining taxation process have been tremendous and are expected to be concluded promptly. Company management also reported an inauguration date shortly after the taxation finalization for the two projects in Minas Gerias. The project presents a great opportunity in the current market challenges in Minas where 11 automotive projects were lost to other neighboring states due to greater incentives, competitive project facilitation, and benefits.
Company management expressed that it believes that the MG State Government shall carry out its due diligence by securing the environmental friendly project with over 3,700 employees. The company is quite concerned about its economic development in this market, and consider aggressive steps to success for its people of MG.
Amsia confirms that it believes the MG location has been a better decision than the previous state. Upon 18 proposals received by Amsia to date, the company also received newer proposals from other states but expects MG to be successful. In the previous location media speculation only encouraged state glamour without substantial execution of the project, but major misinterpretation of company information caused the loss of the project.
The company says the only remaining point is to conclude talks regarding federal tax issues, which it intends to do shortly. The industrial plant targets an implementation process of three years to complete its construction and conduct the first successful production runs.
The Amsia project master plan, design, production projection, forecast, team consultation and management process, supply chain map, including marketing planning and preliminary selection of local suppliers has been executed since Jan, 2016 until the present day where the project execution is now in the second phase, per Amsia’s plan.
The area allocated for Sete Lagoas in MG is a total of 7.5 million square meters, and the Monte Alegre site’s total area is 1.6 million square meters. The company expects to invest $560 million in Sete Lagoas and around $600 million in Monte Alegre, generating 2,500 and 1,200 jobs in each city, respectively. Amsia says it is absolutely capable of investing independently, skirting skepticism about Brazilian financing conditions due to its high interest rates.
Since 2016 Amsia has been meeting with City, State and Federal ministries addressing all concerns and challenges about the project and received a warm welcome to date. The Minas Gerais Development Bank and Caixa EconômicaFederal, as well as other banks, have already expressed strong interest in financing Amsia Motors in Brazil.
Management reserves full discretion to observe and study the local proposals, which have been received and the rest tentatively scheduled following the inauguration of the project.
The initial automotive product implementation shall be composed of light commercial vehicles and gradually introduce truck-heads, buses and new electric technology-based passenger vehicles. 
On the other hand, Amsia Global expands aggressively, engaging in a letter of intention and plans for execution shortly in Arizona, United States, for a compact electric vehicle and battery plant, which will assist strategically in North America. The official meeting is underway to meet the Governor of the state, the major, and other senior US officials.